Our vision is to be the number one choice in effective and affordable financial services and one stop shop for:
➢ Projects,
➢ Contracts,
➢ Reinsurance
➢ Investments financing and management outfit


Our Mission is to strive to become a dominant player in the projects, contracts, Investments financing and managements. To create values for the shareholders and make a difference in the communities which we operate and work in partnership with our individual and corporate clients with view to actualizing their specific desires
GIANT GOODNESS CAPITAL INC is the Canadian associate of Giant Consolidated Limited. The Company was established to liaise with onshore/offshore financial and Investment companies, institutions and organized providers of Investment funds. It is incorporated in Canada.

We are actively engaged in organizing projects financing, investments and reinsurance business in collaboration with our Joint Venture Partners. Our core activities include but not limited to:

➢ Accepting Government/ Private Guarantees to support the repayment of financial obligations
➢ We organize to issue performance bonds.
➢ Instruct investment banks to underwrite other insurance coverage.
➢ Provision of traditional reinsurance on a pooling basis
➢ In addition, we act as managers and supervising entities for the performance of specific projects and provide infrastructural supervision and management for large international projects.
➢ We provide financial surety instruments and assets enhancement for large multinational business ventures.
➢ We utilize assets received from participant assignors, controlled by the company to form a multinational property pool for funding capital projects.
➢ We do operate as lead syndicate, providing sureties and bonds as additional collateral and surety in particular projects where a lender seeks to have a source of recovery for loan in addition to the borrower’s obligations.
➢ GIANT GOODNESS CAPITAL INC. can also act as an additional “Guarantor for the lender” and guarantees repayments of loan. If required, a liquidation of assets assigned to the company may be accomplished and the recovery from the person or persons responsible will be sorted out. 

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